Lupus Treatment Pictures

This site is a collection of lupus pictures and treatment tips.
Lupus Treatment Pictures

        Lupus is an autoimmune disease and just like any other disease of this kind, it is shrouded in mystery and controversy. It should not be. It is true that lupus has no cure. What is not true is that lupus is usually fatal. With the proper lupus treatment, an early diagnosis and some great family support, a patient will most definitely live to see his or hers grandchildren get married. Nowadays, only a small portion of those affected by lupus are truly untreatable.

       There are several well known and documented types of lupus treatment, each of them designed especially for a certain type of lupus. Lupus treatment pictures allow the less knowledgeable of the general population to associate a certain drug or treatment scheme with a particular type of lupus. In some cases, when the patient suffers from the most serious case of lupus, the systemic lupus erythematosus, lupus treatment becomes a collage of several other types of treatments. For systemic lupus erythematosus, only one type of lupus treatment is not enough and the physicians have quickly learned to look at the big picture and not get lost in the details. If the medical specialists would have treated for just one aspect of lupus, the others would have caused serious problems and the patients' health would have deteriorated immensely. Thus, when talking about systemic lupus erythematosus, an almost holistic approach has been developed lately in relation to the lupus treatment.

Lupus treatment pictures

Lupus treatment pictures Lupus treatment pictures Lupus treatment pictures Lupus treatment pictures

       However, even in the case of "one system lupus", like butterfly lupus or discoid lupus, the lupus treatment does not contain only one type of treatment. It is usually a treatment scheme, involving several genres of therapy. For example, one of the easiest ways of alleviating skin lupus is to stay out of the sun. Any type of skin lupus is aggravated by ultraviolet light, so the sun will only damage the already sick skin. Of course, total avoidance would be perfect, but not everyone can turn nocturnal. If that is not possible, then some sunscreen cream with a high UV protection factor should do the trick for limited amounts of time. That means no sunbathing. Ever. Also, in the case of some serious walking in the sun, a scarf, a hat, some shades and even some gloves would not be amiss.

       Another way of soothing the symptoms of skin lupus is avoiding crowded places, areas that are both very hot or very cold and a stressful job is a no - go from the start. Why? Well, because, believe or not, both heat and cold will deteriorate your skin faster than normal and stress will make the lesions itch. While it was not proven scientifically, for a lupus treatment to truly work, a patient must live an almost picture - perfect life. Of course, not many of us can do that, but trying to avoid standing right in front of a heater or an air conditioning machine should not be that hard, right?

Lupus treatment drugs

       Lupus treatment pictures are easily accessed and they offer some visual aid for the multitude of associations between a certain type of lupus and a certain drug. Any lupus patient must keep in mind that the medication therapy is there for pain relieving, not for curing the illness. However, the true purpose of this drug treatment is to reduce the inflammation and to suppress the abnormal reaction of the immune system. If that is not censored in some way, those dangerous antibodies will damage the tissues and, eventually, the organs of the sick person.

Lupus treatment pictures Lupus treatment pictures Lupus treatment pictures

       The most commonly used medication for lupus is non - steroidal anti - inflammatory drugs, like ibuprofen and aspirin. This type of drugs is highly efficient in soothing pain and decreasing the typical inflammation in lupus. Unfortunately, NSAIDs cannot be used for long periods of time because have serious side effect, like internal bleeding and heart problems.