Tumid Lupus Pictures

This site is a collection of lupus pictures and treatment tips.
Tumid Lupus Pictures

        Tumid lupus is the common name for a variation of lupus rash, the cutaneous version. Its real name is tumid lupus erythematosus (best known as TLE). Tumid lupus pictures indicate the age and the sex of the patients, as well as the physical shape of the skin lesions. As far as the medical specialists know for now, tumid lupus prefers young women, the race and the social standing being irrelevant to the disease. Unfortunately, tumid lupus erythematosus is slightly easily confused with a light eruption, since the lesions have no specific form, shape, color and texture.

       One more thing that makes tumid lupus so dangerous is the fact that its diagnosis is complicated. Less well trained physicians could easily mistake the lesions associated with tumid lupus with those associated with classic lupus. The treatment scheme is completely different and the disease could take a turn for the worse very fast with the help of the wrong medication. Also, in the case of tumid lupus, the ANA tests are generally negative (these tests indicate the presence of unusual antibodies inside the body of the sufferer).

Tumid lupus pictures

Tumid lupus pictures Tumid lupus pictures Tumid lupus pictures Tumid lupus pictures

       It might be well to keep in mind that lupus, of any kind, is an autoimmune disease, which basically means that your own body is attacking its own cells, essentially self destroying. Therefore, the testing period for lupus is longer than any other type of disease out there for the simple reason that your body cannot correctly interpret the signals it is given by the testing material, thus resulting in several false positives of different illnesses.

       Unfortunately, tumid lupus is only the beginning. If it is left untreated for long periods of time, it will degenerate into systemic lupus erythematosus, a full body autoimmune disease. The downside to all this is that, even if the lupus skin problem is treated correctly and for the right amount of time, the autoimmune disease will still appear later, but it will appear. These kinds of illnesses cannot be stopped, no matter what you do.

Tumid lupus treatment scheme

       When talking about lupus in general, all that people see are what can be seen in these tumid lupus pictures: lesions that spread throughout the body, with no obvious starting point and no obvious ending point. In its worse stages, close to the first phases of systemic lupus erythematosus, the image that tumid lupus presents is very similar to that of some serious skin problems. In some patients, it can look like measles, while in others like an aggravated eczema.

       The treatment scheme for the skin conditions caused by lupus includes both drugs and certain changes in lifestyle and behavior. The changes in lifestyle are the following:

  • Do not share a sleeping space with anyone else.
  • Do not share clothes with a healthy person, because the risk of infecting them with some sort of skin disease (even if it is not lupus, since that one is not contagious) is high.
  • Do not share towels or bathe in pools or public bathhouses.

       The drugs used in treating skin lupus are identical to the ones used in treating less severe forms of systemic lupus erythematosus. An unusual fact is that those same drugs are used to treat malaria, which is a completely different disease, with nothing in common with any kind of lupus. However, on a molecular level, they work pretty much the same, thus making the treatment identical.

Tumid lupus pictures Tumid lupus pictures Tumid lupus pictures

       One other thing to keep in mind about tumid lupus is that it is the most photosensitive form of lupus, thus keeping out of the light is the first step in trying to alleviate the symptoms of this terrible disease. When direct sunlight cannot be avoided, wearing protection is a must. Lupus patients are always wrapped in shawls, always wear hats, gloves and sunglasses to avoid further damage to their skin. Also, a sunscreen cream is applied religiously even if the person does not go outside for more than ten minutes.